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Great Northern Rail Road Station looking Southeast, which would later become the Blanchard Community Club.

Great Northern rail road station, Blanchard. George C. Coble Sr. with beard.

Looking South down Main St. in Blanchard showing pool hall, butcher shop, and Blanchard Grocery.

Blanchard Main Street looing South West showing 4th of July 1913.Parade going past commercial buildings. Large building with false front is the Blanchard Grocery.

1913 4th of July parade in Blanchard. Kids ride a horse pushed cart dressed as Uncle Sam.

1913 4th of July parade, Blanchard. Mr. Hinkston leads.

Main St. Blanchard looking South from proch of Boarding house. Mill housing on left.

Main St. Blanchard looking north. Blanchard was named Fravel for a short time.

Convict stockade at Oyster Creek seen from above railroad tunnel. Convict labor was used to help build Chuckanut Drive.

Convict Stockade at Oyster Creek. Interurban railroad on pilings across the mud flats comming from Pigeon Point and Clayton Beach to the right.

Another Convict Stockade Blanchard, may have been at the mouth of McElroy Slough. Anybody know?

Lumber mill at McElroy Slough looking West out to Samish Bay

Chuckanut Drive Looking South East.with Interurban Rail Road visible on right.

Another view of Chuckanut Drive with Pigeon Point on the right

Hazel Mill at McElroy Slough

Back side of Mill looking North to Blanchard Mt.

Main St. Blanchard looking North to Blanchard Mt. Store on right next to mill housing and boarding house at end of street.

Chuckanut Drive abouve Clayton Beach with Interurban Railroad below.

Interurban Railroad with Oyster Creek, Great Northern water tower and Pigeon Point in the distance.

Great Northern passenger train and Interurban railroad being built. Tracks not layed yet.

Chuckanut Bay, possibly showing brick works or stone quary building.

View of Interurban railroad from Chuckanut Drive connecting with Pigeon Piont. Cabin and water tower at present location of Taylor Shellfish farm at Oyster Creek

An oyster plant at the mouth of McElroy Slough. Picture taken early 1970s. Now gone.

Rock Point Shellfish farm in photo from the 50’s. Remains of Interurban Railroad across mud flats. Old water tower for steam engins still standing.

Rock Piont Oyster Company, now Taylor United.

Dick Steele owner of Rock Point Oyster Company ( now Taylor United) with load of oyster seed.

Processing oysters at Rock Piont Oyster Company

Crew of Rock Point Oyster company aboard oyster scow.

Steam engine emerging from tunnel at Oyster creek.

Photo taken in 1970s of Oyster Creek house inhabited by hippies, now torn down, .

Interurban rail car at Clayton Beach starting on 2 1/2 mile track across mud flats.

Interurban railroad car off the tracks and in the mud at Oyster Creek.

Another Interurban rail car.

Advertisement for Interurban Railroad. Chuckanut Drive to the right.

Interuban rail car at Clayton Beach

Dell and Paul Smith, musicians of Blalnchard. Note the battery powered drum set up.

Darius Kinsey photo of shake bolt harvest Blanchard Mt.

Loggin railroad crossing Chuckanut Drive. ??

Early wooden bridge at Oyster Creek

Another view of Horseshoe Bend at Oyster Creek

Horeshoe Bend at Oyster Creek. No restaurant. Note touring bus.

Horseshoe Bend at Oyster Creek. Restaurant with add on.

Horseshoe Bend at Oyster Creek. Restaurant with no add on.

Horseshoe Bend at Oyster Creek. Grand parade. Note touring car, motorcycles.

Oyster Creek Inn

Building of Chuckanut drive. Interurban railraoad visible in water.

Building Chuckanut drive.

Equality Colony, a utopian community that lasted 10 years.

Equality Colony


Blanchard Main St.

Early Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Dr.

Interurban, Oyster Creek, Pigion Point, Great Northern RR. Note the water tower along side of the Rail Road tracks for the use of steam locomotives.

Chuckanut Drive just north of the present Chuckanut Manor Restaurant

Chuckanut Drive at Inspiration Piont. Railroad tressel across bay at Chuckanut Village. Note lamp post. Another like it was saved from going to the dump in 2006 and is now along the side of Chuckanut Dr. at 3096.

Chuckanut Drive. Tree called David’s Slingshot printed on picture. maybe should read Goliaths Slingshot.

“David’s Slingshot” in 2008.

Remarkable photo showing Interurban Rail car at Clayton Beach, Great Northern train and two autos on Chuckanut Dr.

Church at Edison, now a private residence

Del and Paul Smith of Blanchard play unique instruments. Looks like there is a battery powered drum mechanism played as well.

Blanchard Grocery shown in this newspaper clipping shorly befor being torn down in the 70s

Hazel Mill at McElroy Slough

Gathering of Blanchard Community behind Hall in 1958. Note the back of the Blanchard Grocery in the picture.

gathering at Blanchard Community Club sept 1958

Gathering at Community Club 1967.

Gathering of Community Club in back of Club 1958

Wright farm.

Wright farm with Mr. Wright watching chickens. House moved in 2007 to Legg Road

Mr. George Wright .

George Wright and wife pose.

Boarding house, north end of Blanchard


Locals with captions.

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