A Few Of Jill’s Favorite Things To Cook

A few on my favorite things…

By Jill

Oh me oh my, this is a toughie!  It would be easier to pick the things I don’t like…but then we would just be eating a big bowl of Okra.  So, this class will feature a few yummies I just adore.

We will feast on Fish tacos…

and sample a curry I love to prepare (mostly for the accessories…I mean garnish). Oh and no peanuts in the curry so Joyce can come! We will finish the meal with a raw cookie you will run home and make.  Hope to see you!! Oh and I have a surprise!

Thursday 21st of July

6:30 PM

$8 BCC members

$10 CO-OP Members

$20 Public

Please RSVP to save your spot. Use our Contact Page or email blanchardcommunityclub@gmail.com

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